April 23, 2018

We are very blessed to have some really good cooks in our church fellowship and they share their gifts willingly and unselfishly.  This ministry was started over 30 years ago by Suzy Hicks and she felt that when someone was sick, had a baby, was grieving or even somewhat depressed, that there was nothing like a meal being delivered to your home to make your soul feel better.  This has always been a real blessing and a testimony regarding the heartbeat of this church as a whole.  Suzy has delegated the leadership roles to Marianne Girouard and Michelle DuPaul who work with her to decide how many meals and when they should be done.  Along with a meal, we provide desserts and often times, flowers and gifts as well.  Everyone in this church has been blessed by this ministry at some time for some reason so we know how well this operates.  A schedule is made and the meals are delivered to the door of those in need and it is truly a blessing for all.

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