April 23, 2018

A Sunday School room is provided for this Sunday School group that is warm, colorful, decorated and filled with love and excitement.  Kathy Young is the director of this ministry and she takes pride in this position by offering new and creative challenges for the children.  She desires to teach the children, "that it is more blessed to give than to receive" and often times our children of today are taught well "to get" but the focus on "giving" is somehow lost.  Kathy, since taking over this ministry, has incorporated several projects for the children to participate in.  To name just a few:  "Bring a friend to church", "Bring in food for the hungry", "Bring in Christmas gifts for the poor" and her latest adventure this month will be to "Visit the sick at a nearby hospital."  They are currently collecting toys and the like to bring to a pediatric unit in Winchester and they will accompany Kathy and visit with those children this month during their Sunday School class time.  We encourage you to visit our Sunday School at any given Sunday.  We are excited to have visitors.

Articles are coming soon.

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