April 23, 2018


Church of the Living God History 

Bible school graduate and ordained minister Joseph Narusciewz came to the Boston area from Minnesota for the purpose of founding a New Testament spirit filled church.  After much prayer and seeking of God's will,  he began in the city of Malden, Massachusetts in 1972 with a home Bible Study. Within a matter of months, his apartment became too small for the number of people attending so Brother Joe, along with these first believers in the Lord Jesus rented an empty Methodist church building in Malden to accommodate the growing numbers of enthusiastic worshipers. It was at this time that Jim and Suzy Hicks began to attend and then Brother Joe officially organized this church (those who had come to believe) and selected from the New Testament the name “Church of the Living God”. Our name comes from Paul’s 1st letter to Timothy chapter 3 verse 15. One year later the church building was sold and the Church of the Living God moved to Melrose, Massachusetts and began renting a beautiful and spacious church building there. As the church grew in numbers, we realized that a new move was evident again as this church location was up for sale within one year. At this time, our church having about 250 members, began to pray and fast and look for a permanent building to conduct our worship.  Miraculously, the Lord led us to a property in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1976 where we are still located today. This property was actually a large home which had to be renovated into a church sanctuary and all of the members of the body of believers gave their heart and soul to accomplish this.  The final product took about two years and during this time, our former pastor moved back to his home base in Minnesota and at this time Jim Hicks was ordained as the minister in May of 1976 and took over the church as Pastor on November 15, 1976.

     The Spirit of the Lord was really drawing people in those days and within a year and a half the church meetings were standing room only. Each meeting was filled and over 350 members were attending.  Among its original undertakings, through the direction of the Holy Spirit, many prayer meetings began, Sunday School ministries were established, youth groups were put into action and then in the Fall of 1980, the church opened the King's Kid's Academy, a K-12 Christian school using the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum. The school had at least 40 students per year and attended many Regional and International conventions where our students won many awards.  After 25 years, the school ministry was put on hold and hopefully the doors will open again in the Lord's perfect time.

      Today, the church is smaller in numbers but just as committed to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and just as exhuberant in its worship and prayer commitment.  Our heart beat is to see the lost won to Christ and to see lives permanently changed with victory and faith for a better life.  We currently have two regular church services, Sunday at 10:45AM and Wednesday evening at 7:30PM where songs, praise, preaching and prayer are an integral part of our gatherings.  We also have intercessory prayer meetings on Monday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and we can testify with testimonies that many prayers have been answered in our church due to the faithfulness of the saints that attend here.  Currently our church is serving the Lord and praying fervently for revival and hoping that the Lord brings more souls to his throne of grace through our sharing of Him and our lives touching other's lives through our love and faithfulness.  We are praying that you will visit and experience a touch of God as we all have.  You will never be the same.

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